Seimens full line of fire protection services.

At Argus Fire & Safety Systems, our workers are certified by NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) for fire alarms and special hazards systems. For more information about what’s expected of businesses in Louisiana, check out the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s site.

Some examples of our  Siemens™ equipment include fire alarm panels for small and mid-sized facility protection:

  • Single-loop Model FS-250—supports up to 252 addressable inputs and 252 single/relay outputs. Device is polarity insensitive and can operate on standard sire with no special twist or shield required. Panel is programmable from front keypad or through Windows-based PC programming software. Device programmer/tester can be utilized to test addressable loop wiring for shorts and grounds as well as device operations.The Fire Safety division of Siemens™ Building Technologies has introduced the FS-250, an intelligent fire alarm panel developed to meet customer requirements for schools, healthcare facilities, strip malls, motels, and office buildings. The new fire alarm panel offers large system capabilities at small system cost.The FS-250 is a single loop fire alarm panel that supports up to 252 addressable inputs and 252 signal/relay outputs. The FS-250 also uses the world’s most intelligent fire detector—FirePrint® Application Specific Detector.
  • FireFinder XLS—the new standard in life safety systems. FireFinder XLS is the most responsive, intelligent, fire detection system, with unrivaled speed detecting fire and notifying occupants in less than 3 seconds. It’s the simplest, most intelligent system to install and maintain.
  • FireFinder XLS Voice—FireFinder Voice (XLSV) integrated, digital, emergency voice evacuation system can make all the difference for faster and easier building evacuation. Ideal for highly populated buildings and complexes, delivering crystal clear, multiple and simultaneous messages to various locations, live or prerecorded.

Most of our Siemens system control panels come with a 5-year warranty. FireFinder XLS is the fastest, most intelligent fire detection system with the biggest, easiest display screen. It detects a fire in less than 3 seconds, installs up to 25% faster than typical systems, and makes all the difference in an emergency.

We have a great response time of less than 2 hours. Our trained professionals get the job done right the first time. Contact Argus Fire & Safety Systems for more information today!